Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Make Your Escape Plan

When I was 24, I quit my day job. I worked for a non-profit with youth in custody. I was stressed, worried I wasn’t doing enough, burning out. And it was absolutely the right decision to quit. I moved to an ashram, learned more about my mind and my spirit and returned to the workforce stronger and more clear about my purpose.

Sometimes quitting is the right thing to do, but this article is about the other times. Maybe you’re a little bit older or wiser than I was. Maybe you have student debt or you don’t want to leave your community. Maybe’s there’s a mortgage or kids or both. This article is about when it’s not time to quit, but your job really isn’t working so it’s time to do something.

Here are the Six Steps to Make Your Escape Plan.
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Getting Out of Your Own Way

I sit in front of my computer screen feeling lifeless. I’m trying to will myself to work but I feel tired and heavy. My shoulders slump forward, my brow furrows. “Work!” I think but nothing happens…

Finally I close my laptop, lean back on the couch, close my eyes and take a breath. I turn my head and look out the window.

I’d been working on a Sacred Career Design workbook for months. I had launched the free version of the online course a week before and there wasn’t much interest in it and so was having trouble motivating myself to work on the more comprehensive version. Why keep working when no one seems to want the free version??

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